Synthetiv Phenomena, the Predatory Mind, and Anectodal Vortices: Capsular Prognosis May 3, 2010

by Kenji Garland

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Live lecture (thesis defense), 2010

See also its studio sister: Synthetiv ANECTODAL capsule.


released May 3, 2010

Kenji Garland – stasis system, audible speech
Aurora Linnea ( – slides, texts, venoms



all rights reserved


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We can scan the local langscape for the tender shadow of Decoder Rose.

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Track Name: Blood (Frame)
How do you know if you have an implant?

If you're an abductee, it is presumed that you have one or more implants, whether you realize it or not. On rare occasions, implants can be seen through the skin, or partially sticking out of the body.

Implants can be seen under X-rays, including dental X-rays and MRIs.

Implants have been found during surgery for other medical purposes as well.

Local resident Dotty Hearn mentioned it looked like hail. Uh, laying, laying on top of a wood box, and everywhere else. So I just went over and I touched it. It wasn't hail. It was a gelatinous material.

OK, next.

They said that tissue samples from nine of the mutilations were sent to Dr. Atshuler, who found evidence of high heat at the excision lines and a hardened'plasticized'edge -- which is not consistent with typical lasers.

Even a portable laser is the size of a, size of a large freezer, and requires a large electrical generator.

And we see objects, items used on people, for, for what purposes? We don't know.

She also said she felt the people were alive, but in a state of suspended animation, and that the man at the far right was a younger clone activated by a "soul transfer" from his previous older body, that Linda watched die in a rectangular container. The rectangular container that held the 'old' vacant body filled up with a liquid to preserve the tissues until it could be dissected. The aliens wanted to find out how some kind of poison had entered the man's body, and how it had progressed, through the bodily systems, and at what point the poison (or contaminant) had reached a level... that the body could no longer deal with the poison.


See, essentially the Montauk Chair was uh, just a very large mind amplifier. That's essentially all it was.

Uh, it was essentially a transmitter, you had the input network, which was the Montauk Chair, [unintelligible]

And the computer system essentially processed the information and spit it out the transmitters. We had two transmitters, which went through one of two antennas; there was the Delta T antenna, and the 100-kilowatt noise amplifier. This was the basic outline of the Montauk system.


We see here that uh, the date was set by alien influence in order to cause a 40-year hole in hyperspace, through which large numbers of alien craft could enter this dimension.

These subjects had clearly demonstrated that they can pass from a fully awake state to a deep, controlled trance state -- uh, telephone, by receiving written matter, or by the use of code, signal, or words and that control of these subjects can be passed from one individual to another without great difficulty.

The disease is characterized by multi-colored fiber-like -- uh, fiber -- filamentous strands, uh, extruding from the skin in conjunction with various dermatologic and neuropsychiatric symptoms.

OK, next.

And next.
Track Name: The Networking
There were two versions of the Montauk Chair.

The Montauk Chair was developed by ITT World Communications for the government, or whoever had developed this project. The chair had essentially three coils. You can see the Y coil went like this under the floor, formed two sides of a pyramid, came out; another coil came up, and, uh, formed the other two sides of the pyramid, and then came out. The third coil was essentially two coils, one on the floor, and one on the top. And, uh, these provided the outputs with essentially an RF signal; the signal looked like white noise, but the correlations in the white noise was the information of what the person had in his mind sitting in the center of the pyramid.


They had problems with this chair, in as much as the coil structure was open. Uh, it picked up from outside as well as from inside. They had to locate this chair at Southampton, which was about 15 miles from Montauk, so it wouldn't feed back to the transmitter. The thing would feed back, lock up, and cause all sorts of problems. So they had taken the output of the Cray-1 computer, and microwaved it, uh, over to Montauk, and of course if you had any sort of glitch, of time glitch, or reality glitch go through the microwave beam, this thing was spitting back information at such a rate that it set the whole system into oscillations and caused all sorts of problems. So they came up with a second version of the chair. Next?

Now, based on information they've gotten from crashed UFOs, and technology exchange, or whatever, uh, they found out that essentially, you could put the victim between a set of Helmholtz coils. Helmholtz coils are interesting because they can be phased as such that the pickup would only be between all the coils; it would exclude, to some extent, all the junk outside. Now of course, if we go back to the pyramid antenna structure, this is something known as delta-T, or delta-time, sensing pickup type structure. This is one of the things a pyramid does: it does translate time waves. Now of course, they had to get the delta-time structure into the receiver.

And they, uh, replaced the Hammerlin SP-600 with an RCA receiver that they designed themselves, it was custom made, and they -- by placement of the coils & such in the receiver, they replicated the pyramid coil with the receiver itself.


These things are each individual coil stages. Uh, they apparently, for some reason, didn't want to use a ganged tuning cap, so each individual section of the preselector was an individually tuned network! They had separate tubes for each front end -- and this one is missing.

So the local oscillator sat down here, but of course this one was modified to use the local, uh, remote oscillator that was locked. If we go to the back, we can see every element in the vacuum tube has its own coil that sits right, uh, right underneath the big coil. Each is a pyramid shape, as you can see here.

Um, although there's a big metal plate, aluminum plate in here, there is a higher order, relativistic, psychic-energy-quantum-coupling between these coils and the coil up above -- that's the delta-T function.

And they talk of Synchrodynes... they pulse each one of these stages individually. And it was a real crazy odd setup for the way they pulsed these different stages on and off. Uh, what they were actually doing was loading a thought form here, shifting it into here, shifting it to here, loading more, shifting it, loading, loading, may--
Track Name: Delta T Ocean
--be shifting it backwards?

Now, Mr. Cameron would sit, in the chair. He would go into a trance, completely clear his mind; and they would put a thought into his mind as they want transmitted.

And he would think it; all this equipment would pick it up, process it through the computers. The algorithms in the Cray-1 would break down what he was thinking into audiovisual and direct digital representation. They could display it on a screen like this, exactly what he was thinking.

This then fed into another computer. This computer essentially was used for the storage of the information -- but also, they had to remove the thought-form matrix from the thought form that Mr. Cameron was generating. Next.

And then put on the matrix that represented the matrix of the transmitter. Remember, when you're requiring a human being or a technological device to transmit a thought form, the matrix of that thought form has to matrix -- match the matrix of the transmitting agent. Or else nothing's gonna happen.

So, this computer would remove the signature of Mr. Cameron, and put on the signature of the key person that designed the transmitter, because that's the matrix that was in the transmitter. Remember, this equipment becomes a conscious being. This is psychotronics -- it has a consciousness of its own, and just as you reject a form that is not yours, the transmitter would also reject a form which is not its.

So, this computer reprocessed from Mr. Cameron's matrix, or signature, to the transmitter's matrix. Next.

Which was that of the head design man on the station. This of course went to another console, which controlled this very specialized semi-analog digital computer. Lots and lots of vacuum tubes, this thing was a forest of 6080s.

The thing had this huge big canister which had electrical, acoustical quartz delay lines, which, it turns out, can actually can generate a consciousness!
Track Name: Gelatinous Polymer Full Moon
So, William Thomas suggested these millim-- uh, mystery filaments were some kind of polymer, which might be responsive to microwaves.

The mystery substance at animal mutilation sites was described as fibrous or semi-gelatinous, it seemed to be a polymer of some kind, and this substance would degrade rapidly, precluding thorough analysis.


So what was coming out of her sample(?) skin?

The transmitter had enough power to warp the space & time, and the abil-- the individuals in the chair would then, uh, have to synthesize the vortex function, because they didn't have the technical capability to do that. It can now be mechanically synthesized. They this on other things. They had the subject in the chair think of some creature, and the creature would materialize. Next.

They had the... individual in the chair think of all the animals at Montauk point charging into the -- town. And that's exactly what happened. They almost had the power to create a being.

And they didn't have to do that! The vortex could be arranged to follow a person, so that they could bring them back in with uh, if anything went wrong. They could see them on a viewer, like this.

The power was somewhere between gigawatts and terawatts. Tremendous power, the vortex could have a diameter of about five miles! It's like looking into a, peculiar spiral tunnel which was uh, lit up, up & down its entire length. Uh, you would start to walk through this thing and then suddenly if you looked down, you didn't walk through it. You just sort of... fell.... You could go anywhere, in sm-- space and time.

And, uh, what we're getting here is a, kind of, certain kind of alien interdimensional theories(?).

And next?

So this is two pyramids, base to base, one on top of the other.

And they're dying in a rectangular container...

And it'll spill-- uh, it'll spin it into a cylinder and as that cylinder is rotating, it has to bend time to get the rotation; and that means now, you're generating liquids of time, coming off this rotating cylinder, and this is a time vortex, as talked of in quantum electrodynamics. So as this thing spins, as that imagined cylinder in here spins (or as it's called a spinner in physics), it sends out a field of time waves.

What is a delta-T antenna? How do you MAKE a delta-T antenna? It's easy! You wind a loop, diamond shape, on the X axis; you wind another loop, at 90 degrees to it, diamond shape on the Y axis; and then you wind the loop diamond shape around the perimeter of this thing. As we see here. Two pyramids. :)

So this delta-T lost about a megawatt in the isolator; that means that uh, you have to water-cool it to [unintelligible] they lost another megawatt in this filter, which was water-cooled. Of course these stages are individually pulse modulated also, so we had 14 pulse-modulation points in this transmitter. Of course, the human latticework and, uh, structure is based on 7s, 14s and 21s, and that's the magic number 7 again. Uh, and they built a, thought form by pulsing all these stages -- and they had some weird ways of pulsing.

And you'll notice that this thing is very symmetrically laid out.

And all that was destroyed as it was expelled.

Track Name: Half-Cats, Earth
In general, the cats have been severed into, uh, one-thirds, the top or the bottom one-third is left. In other words, just behind the hind legs, or just bef-- behind the front legs, uh, and a, clean cut and they are just severed. They don’t find the other 2/3s of the cat.


And here the, uh, frequencies used are 403 MHz and 1680 MHz, they used two different frequencies.

Here we see... throat cut;
Head & organs missing;
Hole cut in the left side, organs missing;
Hole cut in the right side, organs missing;
Front half found, organs missing;
Unknown. Unknown.
Back half found, organs missing;
Front half found, organs missing;
Back half found, ALL upper organs missing;

Head cut, throat & organs missing;
Hole cut... front half missing; organs found.
Back half missing.
Head found.
Hole cut in right organ.
Back found only.


You see, cats... are a plentiful and cheap source of knowing just what's going on.

What they would do with me, is that when I my mission was over they would return me to a point milliseconds before I left.

Aliens producing neurological weapons that allow paralysis of the mind.